Monday, 22 September 2008

How to give a girl the cane

I should say, by way of introduction, that I have reluctantly emerged from the shadows of a number of excellent blogs to offer words of wisdom and encouragement from the hand of one who has had, in his time, the experience of chastising a great many senior girls and young women. In reading the accounts of others, watching videos and studying pictures, I have come to one conclusion. It is this: most canings are administered far too quickly. Most canings - of however many strokes - are well under way if not completed before the miscreant has even had the benefit of truly appreciating the first sharp sting of rattan on her buttocks. No wonder, in the stories and anecdotes I read, so many naughty girls appear over and over and over again. No wonder, in the pictures and the videos, the same familiar faces can be seen as they stand once more before the tutelary's desk; no wonder the same shapely young buttocks are presented to the camera and the cane so often. Clearly these girls don't learn their lesson. Clearly the chastisement is inadequate, in some way. And I must state clearly, at this point, that such inadequacy is unlikely to have anything whatever to do with the the number of strokes the young girl has received. It is my opinion - based on many years empirical experience - that rarely, if ever, is it necessary to administer more than the traditional 'six of the best' to a young lady's naked bottom. Occasionally, I have found it necessary - with repeat offenders, say, or senior girls expected to show more of an example - to increase the number, and always in multiples of six. Thus the Head Girl recently received a sound eighteen on her bare bottom in assembly, for being caught out of bounds one evening. But such instances are rare. And most girls I have the duty to chastise are rarely back for more. And I believe I know the answer why. It is this. Their canings are delivered with precision, moderate force, a little ceremony, and time. Yes, time. Allow me, if you will, to describe a typical scenario. Let us assume, for the sake of argument, that the girl is a sixth-former never before summoned to the Headmaster's Study for chastisement. I see it as my duty to ensure that she will not return, at least not in a hurry. Standing before me, slightly demurely, the colour rising to her cheeks, I will first enquire as to the nature of her misdemeanour. On the last occasion I had such a girl before me, I believe it was for cheating in a test. The girl was reported to me by her tutor; I was thus in full possession of the facts. But rather than confront the girl, I like to offer her the chance to come clean,to confess, and to do so without much encouragement from me. This is the first test of the young lady's likely rehabilitation. A liar will be dealt with more severely. But if a girl owns up honestly, without hiding anything or attempting to diminish her wrongdoing, my next move will be to congratulate the girl, before reminding her of the seriousness of her wrongdoing, and expressing something of my disappointment in her. I may even ask her what she expects by way of retribution, since all girls know they cannot expect to break school rules without suffering the consequences. At this point most girls will know exactly what to say; they know because the procedures for dealing with recalcitrant pupils is made very clear to all girls when they join the school; they know, too, because of what they will have heard from other girls. I am well aware that marks are scrutinised in dormitories, and that punishments are avidly discussed, especially among those girls yet to have received one personally. So the girl will, in all probability, but nevertheless reluctantly, suggest that I should cane her.
'Very well' I will reply. And at this point, I feel my tone can soften; I may offer the girl some sympathy for her predicament.
'You know, I'm sorry Lisa' I might say. 'You are correct, of course. A girl in your position must be caned. It would be unfair to make an exception in your case. And yet...'
'Oh please, sir. I'll do anything. Please don't cane me, please don't. I'll be a good girl; I will. I promise you'll have no cause to regret it. And I'll tell nobody...'
But the girl knows, even as I hold up my hand to silence such a plea, that it is in vain. I need say nothing more. I only look at her, as she once more hangs her head and looks down at the floor.
'Shall we begin, my dear?' I might suggest. And she will nod, reluctantly, whilst at the same time slowly loosening the buttons in the waistband of her skirt.
At this point I will usually rise from behind my desk, and walk across the study to select a cane. I rarely watch as the girl removes her skirt, and folds it across the chair. After all, I have an important duty to perform, and must choose carefully from a range of canes according both to the severity of the girl's offence, but also with reference to her age and size. A tiny pair of buttocks on a slender frame will usually warrant a light rattan rod of moderate weight, whilst for the more substantial figure such an instrument would have leave impression. And of course, my choice will be flexed to ensure the utmost pliability (it may be some time since it was last used) and swished a few times through the air. The girl, at this point, may have turned her head to see what I am doing. I do not object to such understandable curiosity. Nevertheless, when she meets my gaze she will turn smartly back towards my desk, facing the window while I continue with my preparations. Only when I am sure I am ready, will I invite the girl to turn around, and to take a few steps forward to the middle of the room.
'Now, dear. I'd like you to step to the mark, and touch your toes.'
The girl will take another step, to where a small mark is visible on the parquet floor, and bend over.
'Now, my dear, you must remain in this position for the entire duration of your punishment. I expect you to take what you agree that you deserve with the courage and good manners of a young lady who has, thus far, been a model pupil.'
'Yes, sir.'
'Are you quite sure that you understand what this entails?'
'I think so, sir' the girl replies.
'You must remain in position for each stroke of the cane; you must not move or make unnecessary noise. I will administer six strokes on this occasion. Do you regard that as a fair punishment, young lady?'
'Yes, of course, sir.'
'And can you assure me that you will bear it with the required degree of fortitude? I do have the necessary equipment to restrain a girl if necessary' I may add, depending on whether or not I can be reasonably sure of the girl's resolve.
'No sir, that won't be necessary.'
'Very well, then Lisa. I'd now like you to remove your knickers. That's right, take them right off and leave them on the chair. Now, step back to the mark and assume the position.'
At this point, the poor girl clearly wants the whole thing to be over with as soon as possible. But her agonies have only just begun. Having spend some time touching her toes in her underwear, I will be reassured of her ability to maintain her stance. She may have found it necessary to adjust herself, slightly. Now, as she once more bends over, she will appreciate that she has something else to think about, something other than the biting sting of the cane as it marks her smooth cheeks. She must stay precisely where she is, and say nothing; nothing, that is, except the number of each stroke accompanied by a 'thank-you.' It is a small matter, but an important reminder that good manners remain vital even in extremes like this.
'Are you quite ready, Lisa?'
'Yes sir.'
'And you understand why this is necessary?'
'Yes, sir.'
'And you agree that it is what you deserve?'
'Yes sir.'
'That this is what you want?'
'It is not too late, young lady, to consider an alternative course of action. Detention, maybe; or exclusion?' Are you sure that this is the form of punishment you would rather take?'
'Oh yes sir!' the young girl will say, almost pleadingly at this stage in the proceedings.
'Very well. I shall begin. You will receive six strokes of the cane on your bare buttocks as a punishment for cheating in your most recent test. You will call out the number of each stroke after it has been delivered. You may also wish to consider what politeness might also demand of a young lady in such a position. And I also expect you to bring to mind, each time you feel the cane, what has brought you to this sorry situation.'
'Yes, sir. I will sir; I'm sorry, sir.'
'I am sure you are, my dear, I'm sure you are. And I am sure that you will never consider doing such a thing again, will you?'
'No sir, I won't sir.'
And at that point, I will tap her buttocks lightly, touching her with the rattan for the first time. And she will flinch; they always do. And I will raise the can above my head, and bring it down smartly for the first stroke.
'One, thank you sir.'
And at this point any number of things will be going through the young lady's mind. As she grasps her ankles, making quite sure that she stays as still as possible, as she breaths ever more heavily, and as the first faint red line appears across her bottom, burning deeper as the seconds pass and turning redder all the while, she may well be thinking - this is not so bad. I'll be fine with this. Or else she may be wondering how on earth she will survive the next five stroke. One can never tell. One really cannot tell. Some girls I've beaten almost call the strokes out cheerfully, then stand at the end of their punishment and compose themselves within an instant. One really cannot tell. Others grit their teeth, and grasp their ankles even harder, their legs shaking and their bottom trembling for the next touch of what they know is coming. And they do know it is coming. But it is coming only when I am good and ready, when I am sure the salutary lesson has had maximum impact, when the girl has composed herself. When she is quite, quite still. And when her bottom cheeks relax a little, just a little, so that I am sure the next stroke will achieve its purpose without more force than necessary. I seldom need to take aim once more, even after a pause of several minutes. Years of experience usually mean I can be reasonably accurate, landing each of the next four strokes an inch or so below the last, so that by stroke six I am greeted by a scorching grid of five red weals, each parallel to the others as if stamped by some fearsome branding iron. Each one will throb and pulse to the tune of its own exquisite pain. Each one will rise above the smooth surface of the girls cheeks, at the same time snaking round the curve of each buttock, almost disappearing into the dark crevice of her cleavage, and wrapping out of sight around the buttock furthest from my own position. Stroke number six I try to land diagonally across the previous five, so that it achieves a double bite across fresh skin but also kissing briefly those five lines administered previously.
'Six, than you sir'.
And with that, the punishment is almost over. Almost. For it is at this point that the miscreant must be forced to experience the full extent of her punishment. Thus I invariably leave the girl in the assumed position, while each red mark begins to turn a slightly darker colour and all six strokes both burn and throb together.
It may be half an hour, or more, since the girl firs stood before my desk.
'Very well, Lisa' I will say at last. 'You may now get dressed again.'
And as I busy myself entering the details in the punishment book, the girl will step into her knickers and wrap around her pleated school skirt, maybe stooping at the same time to pull up her socks.
'May I go now sir?'
'Of course you may.'
'Thank you sir. And thank you for... for caning me.'
'That's quite alright, my girl. I'm sure you won't be wanting to repeat such an experience, so just think on what you've learned this morning.'
'I will sir, thank you.'
And with that, the naughty girl returns to lessons.

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davidw25 said...

An excellent and most welcome post. Too rarely is this most sensuous of scenarios, a senior 6th form girl being caned by her headmaster, discussed these days. I write stories in this genre, some of which you may have seen over the years. But I also have some that have not appeared on the net. I would very much like to discuss your views of how to give a girl the cane. Feel free to mail me on In the meantime a couple of comments. I think it important that considerable ceremony should attach to the girl being instructed to take off her skirt. It is after all a particularly embarassing thing for an 18 yo to have to do, and therefore an important part of the punishment. Perhaps we might debate whether she should be made to raise her blouse before or after the skirt is removed. If the latter, and assuming she wears a long blouse, her dignity is preserved a little longer in the sense that her knickers initially remain hidden when the skirt disappears. Is this the effect we want?